What Sets Us Apart

Our Philosophy

Dr. Fehrman, Dr. Jen, and our team have a “patient-first” philosophy. We strive to develop a relationship with each of our patients, ensuring that they know how much we value their time and trust in us. We are passionate about providing a service that has life-changing and lifelong results, and doing so in a way that allows our dedication to our patients to shine through.

Open Communication

Fehrman Orthodontics focuses on making every part of your experience exceptional. Communicating with and listening to you is key. Starting with the initial examination, our doctors spend uninterrupted time with you to provide education on your options, learn your concerns, and discuss your unique treatment needs and expectations. This line of communication stays open through the entirety of treatment, ensuring a positive and low-stress journey towards achieving the beautiful smile you seek!

Unmatched Experience

Dr. Fehrman and Dr. Jen are specially trained to provide the highest level of orthodontic treatment for a wide range of orthodontic needs, and they do it with understanding, compassion, and an unmatched level of care.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

At Fehrman Orthodontics, we take the time to analyze your mouth and jaw to formulate a treatment plan and recommend the best treatment solutions that will give you a smile that you deserve. Our recommendations provide you with options on the type of appliances needed to correct malocclusions and gum issues, along with detailed instructions to ensure a beautiful, healthy smile.

Orthodontics: Not just for kids anymore!

Many treatments can be used just as successfully in adult orthodontics as with children, and after years of living with less-than-perfect teeth, the results can be even more pleasing and life changing. Fehrman Orthodontics offers several aesthetic treatment options, including clear aligners and Clarity™ ceramic brackets.

In a world being slowly overrun by corporate dental and orthodontic offices, Fehrman Orthodontics is proud to remain a small, family-owned, private practice. Our patients and their family can rest easy knowing that our doctors have full autonomy, and have every patient's best interests at heart.

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