Why Braces?

The goal of orthodontic treatment is a good bite—meaning straight teeth that mesh well with the teeth in the opposite jaw. A good bite makes it easier for you to bite, chew and speak. This can enhance your dental health and your overall health, and may improve self-esteem. Brackets and wires are the two components of what is commonly referred to as 'braces.' Brackets are either metal or tooth-colored ceramic.

What is the Right Age?

Treatment in children or teenagers who are still growing may yield results that may not be possible once the face and jaws have completed their growth.

A healthy bite is as important at age 75 as it is at age 16. Even though adults are no longer growing, they can also enjoy improvements that come from orthodontic treatment. Age is not a consideration for orthodontic treatment.

Healthy teeth can be moved at any age.

Custom colors braces, elastics and retainer color options are available to choose from. Your Free new patient exam will explain the best option for your specific needs to provide you the smile you deserve.

Other Types of Appliances

A variety of orthodontic "appliances" are available today. Dr. Fehrman will analyze your mouth and jaw, formulate a treatment plan, set goals and recommend the best way for you to achieve those goals.


Invisalign is a custom-made series of aligners custom-shaped to the patient’s teeth. The aligner trays are made of virtually invisible plastic. Invisalign is worn over the teeth, gradually and gently shifting teeth into place, according to the treatment plan.


Orthodontic Retainers serve an important role as a long-term solution for maintaining your new, beautiful smile by keeping teeth in place and not allowing them to shift back to their original locations. We have several options to choose from and will discuss your options in detail at your consultation.

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